What makes this food unique is the possible variation as regards filling and presentation. Today sandwiches are consumed by both workers in humble areas as well as executives of upper classes. This occurs because sandwiches can be transformed and adapted to each consumer's taste.

Just as there are different eating practices, there are also different types of sandwiches that correspond to each of these practices. Kids, adults, old people, people under strict diets, people under no diets, college students, brides in their weddings, and anybody can eat sandwiches.

The aim of this website is to help you prepare different types of sandwiches to serve your, your family, friends, or clients' needs in a fast and effective way. For this reason, below you will find information on different types of sandwiches according to specific eating practices examples.

One of the characteristic eating practices of our times is vegetarianism. Whether because of conviction or because of fashion, it can't be denied that this eating practice has widely spread all around the world. If you want to have a sandwich and respect your vegetarian diet, a toasted cauliflower sandwich is the best option. This recipe is quite simple: squash a piece of steamed cauliflower, and add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, 1 of mustard and 1 of marine salt. Then, add 1 tablespoon of celery and mix it. Then, butter 1 slice of bread with butter and put the cauliflower on the slice that was not buttered. Cover the cauliflower with lettuce or alfalfa and carrot. Put the slice of buttered bread. Then toast your sandwich.

One of the benefits that sandwiches bring is that they can motivate children when they say they are not hungry. This is a typical problem mothers have to bear every day. Sandwiches allow making different filling combinations and bread shape variations. For this reason, making sandwiches with different shapes is an ideal option to motivate your children's eating. To make sandwiches with fun shapes cut two slices of bread using different shape moulds, such as triangle, moon-shaped and heart-shaped moulds. Then, butter the slices of bread with mayonnaise, and put some ham, cheese and vegetables, such as tomato, lettuce and cucumber. Finally, put the sandwich on a colorful plate.

If you want to give your employees or your party guests a banquet, sandwiches are an excellent option. This is because sandwiches can make you come off well in an economical and simple way as you can order a great variety of flavors so that everybody is satisfied. For this reason, no matter what kind: vegetable, white meat, red meat, seafood, canapé, etc, sandwiches are ideal meals for a catering event.

Sandwiches are also ideal food when we are on a diet. If you are on a diet and you want to have some healthy, nutritious, easy-to-make and light-on-fat food, you can have a sandwich. An ideal option for a diet eating practice is the toasted vegetable sandwich. This sandwich recipe is very simple and it goes as follows: purée stewed well seasoned vegetables -pepper, broccoli and carrot. Then butter a slice of bread with diet margarine, which is generally lighter than common butter. Prepare a sandwich with the stewed vegetables and cook it on a high heat during 3 minutes each side. As a result you will obtain a delicious, diet and rich-in-vitamins sandwich.

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