What makes sandwiches a unique and demanded meal is that you can mix many different ingredients and create many different recipes. A sandwich can vary in the type of bread. According to the type of bread used, the sandwich flavor will change. A sandwich can also vary in its filling. A sandwich with meat filling is completely different from a sandwich with vegetable filling, and their targets are also different, even if the type of bread used is the same. The way you cook your sandwich can also vary. There are sandwiches types that require no cooking, toasted sandwiches and cold sandwiches.

Our website is intended to provide you with the necessary information for you to be able to have the sandwich you prefer in your everyday diet or on the menu of your pastry shop or restaurant. Below we provide a list with the existing wide variety of sandwiches types that are well-known around the world. With this list you will not only get to know sandwich possibilities you would have never thought of, but also fillings you didn't know existed.

Cuban sandwiches are a type of sandwiches that can be generally found in Cuba and in some parts of America such as Miami and Florida. This type of sandwich is made with toasted Cuban bread, Swiss cheese and grilled or fried pork.

Francesinha sandwiches are a traditional type of meal of the Lussa cuisine. This sandwich is very popular in Oporto City -although it can also be found in other regions of Portugal- and is made with white whole wheat bread, chorizo slices, veal or pork and cheese.

Squid Sandwiches are considered a specialty of Madrid cuisine. This is a type of sandwich that is made with flour coated squids and fried in boiled olive oil. In northen Spain they are known as bocadillo de rabas.

Gyro is a type of sandwich stuffed with meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie. This type of sandwich is prepared with vegetables and sauces made with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce. This dish is very similar to the Arabian dish shawarma.

Cachopo is a traditional dish in Spain. It is a sandwich made with ham, cheese, asparagus, veal beef or fish with vegetables, such as eggplants. Cachopo main characteristic is that they are coated with flour and eggs, fried and eaten while hot.

Hot dogs are sandwiches made with long slices of bread stuffed with a Frankfurt sausage -whether boiled or fried. They are generally seasoned with mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup.

Mix sandwiches are a type of sandwich made with two white bread pieces of toast stuffed with two york ham slices and one slice of cheese. This meal is commonly served for breakfast in many urban areas in Spain. There is a popular variation of this meal made with white bread with roasted bacon, a cheese slice and lettuce, tuna in vinegar and a fried egg. The special feature of this sandwich is the circular hole made on the superior piece of toast through which we can see the egg yolk.

Corned beef sandwiches are sandwiches made with veal meat prepared in brine and boiled in vinegar over a low heat. The cut of beef used for this type of sandwich is generally brisket. These sandwiches are generally packaged in metallic cans.

The mollete is a type of sandwich popular in Spain and Mexico. In Spain, this sandwich is made with a slice of mild bread of Arabian origin. They are prepared with olive oil and are served during breakfast. In Mexico, on the other hand, molletes are made with a slice of toasted bread roll and sweet and salty ingredients. If sweet ingredients are used, bread can be buttered with butter or jelly. If salty ingredients are used the ingredients used are butter, refried beans and toasted cheese. This meal is generally served as an afternoon snack.

The manakish is a type of toasted sandwich whose ingredients will vary according to when it is served -for breakfast or lunch. This meal is very similar to pizza as it can be served in slices. Manakish dough is similar to Lebanese bread dough, seasoned with thyme and baked.

Ice cream sandwich is a sandwich consisting of a slice of ice cream among two cookies. Most of these sandwiches have a rectangular shape and are known with different names in different parts of the world.

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