It's important that you, apart from being able to prepare a wide variety of recipies, you are able to put into practice a series of tips that will make the gostronomic work easier. Below we provide a list of tips that you should take into consideration when doing sandwiches, whether they are for your family or your customers.

  1. Prepare a number of sandwiches that is proporcinal to the number of fellow diner. Otherwise the leftovers will have to be kept in the fridge or freezer and the sandwiches will loose their original taste.
  2. Use nonstick oven pots, pans and trays as these don't require extra fat for sandwiches not to stick.
  3. Always keep healthy frozen sandwich. It will be very useful when you have no time to cook.
  4. Be careful as regards the sandwich presentation. Even if in gastronomy what's really important is taste, it's undeniable that the presentation is an essential aspect. This is still truer when we talk about a catering presentation.
  5. Eat a small light fresh vegetables sandwich in the mid-morning. This will be enough until lunch time, allowing you to keep a healthy diet.

  1. Analyze each ingredient you use to make your sandwiches. Making a list of the type of food you usually eat is very useful, as this allows you to check whether there are vitamins or proteins the sandwiches you make are missing. It's important that you take into consideration that your sandwiches should include, whether in the dough or in the filling, the following food groups: cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Use a variety of seeds to sprinkle the sandwiches surface. Some seeds such as lino, sesame, or sunflower are economical, nutritious and easy-to-get food. It's important that you take into consideration these for your menus.
  3. Be creative with meals. The good thing about sandwiches is that there are numerous possible combinations as regards filling. Make use of this possibility sandwiches offers and be innovating with your dishes. In this way your sandwiches will be highly demanded, whether by your family or your customers.
  4. Be careful with the ingredients you use for your sandwich fillings. Very often cooks look for new ways to make their fillings, and end up combining incompatible ingredients.

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