A sandwich is a meal consisting of two slices of bread between which a filling is laid. This filling can, at the same time, be made of different items of food, such as meat, cheese, sausages, cold meat and vegetables. Apart from this, each slice of bread can be buttered with condiments, butter, sauces, or spreadable cheese.

The way to eat a sandwich varies according to the different cultures, but the most common way to eat a sandwich is using your hands. In some regions, however, this is a sign of bad manners and it's better to use cutlery for this.

This meal was named after the Duke of Sandwich, John Montagu, an 18th-century aristocrat. It is said that he used bread to prepare his food to avoid getting dirty.

Sandwiches became more and more popular in different parts of the world over time. In this way, sandwiches become a common link among countries that don't share any custom. For this reason, it's good that you know the wide variety of sandwiches you can make. Our website will provide all the information you need to become an "expert at making sandwiches". Apart from this, our website will allow you to know the necessary when getting involved in the gastronomic market, whether as a seller or as a customer.

There are many names given to sandwiches. For example, In Spain, unlike other Spanish-speaking countries, a sandwich is different from a bocadillo. The former is made of sliced bread, while the latter is made of a single piece of bread stuffed with meats or cheese.

In Latin-America, the English word sandwich is very common. However, in some countries, such as Peru, they call it sánguche , and in countries like Colombia or Ecuador they call it sánduche. In Mexico, the consumption of a type of sandwich called tortas is very common.

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