If you wish to learn about the different types of sandwiches that you can make and about their history and their relation to cultures and gastronomy, it's important that you first consider the relation between sandwiches and bread types. We can say that a sandwich is nothing without bread: these two different foods make up one single dish.

Although it's possible to eat bread, a sandwich ingredient, in different ways, it's no possible to eat the filling alone: it's impossible to imagine a sandwich without bread. For this reason, our website provides with information on sandwiches and their favorite ally: bread. Below you will find some info on bread and details on the types of bread you can find on the gastronomic market.

Bread is food made with cereals -generally in form of flours- and some liquid -usually water- and it is considered staple food, as they are made with simple ingredients and yet provide the essential proteins our body needs.

The flours most used for bread making are wheat, rye, rice, corn, barley and soy. Apart from water, the liquids most used are wine, beer, milk, and vinegar. Apart from this, the use of yeasts to give bread volume and fluffiness is very frequent. Bread can be cooked in ovens, grills, on frying pan, casseroles and even directly over fire.

The types of breads are defined according to their weight, their shape and their preparation process. Some of the most frequent types found among specialized recipes and gastronomic markets around the world are the following:

Bread rolls:

it's a type of fried and sweet bread with a round and plain shape which can be caramelized.

Bagel bread:

it's ring-shaped bread.

Aflorado bread (Spain):

this type of bread is made with the grain of wheat flour.

Candied fruits bread:

it's a sweet, dark type of bread with candied fruits.

Butter bread:

this is a type of toasted bread of small size, which is made by mixing flour with butter and it's very common in some areas of Nicaragua.

Bodigo bread (Spain):

this is a type of bread made with flour grain that people take to church as an offering.

French bread:

this is a crunchy type of bread, characteristic of Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

CaƱon bread:

this is a smooth type of bread made with aniseed and whose crust is soft.

Pan de pistola:

this is a kind of hard and long bread, which is used to accompany soup. In Madrid this type is very common.

Brown bread:

this type of bread is made with husk and bran.

Fermented bread:

this is a type of bread made with flour, water and fermenting agent.

Pan libreta:

this is a type bread made in Spain and it weighs 1pound or 450g.

Bread of the death:

this bread is characteristic of Mexico's Day of the Death.


this is a sweet oval and fluffy type of bread.

Easter bread:

this is a type of bread made with flour, water, candied fruits, such as nuts, almonds and prunes. This type very much resembles the Italian panettone.

Day old bread or dried bread:

this is hard and rough one-day-old bread.

Bread cooked under embers:

bread cooked under the fire embers or ashes.

Spoon bread:

this type of bread is a piece of crust that is used as a spoon in some regions of Spain.


a stick loaf, also known as "French stick".

Whole wheat bread:

this is a type of bread made with whole wheat flour. It is also known as "whole bran bread".


this type of bread is made on special occasions such as weddings and they are ornamented.

Pan telera:

this type is generally eaten by workers in poor areas as it is cheap and healthy.

Pan Manolete:

this is a bread loaf that is very common in Spain.

Pan chapata:

this is an uncooked type of wheat bread with a hard crust, made with oil and flour.


this is a large and heavy loaf of bread.

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