The aim of this website is to present the different types of sandwiches on the market. Sandwiches have got different names which vary according to the filling, presentation, bread shape and the type of flour used. Our website will provide you with the necessary information to buy and make the sandwiches you like the most.

The gastronomic market is very special since it undergoes frequent changes. Recipes travel frequently from one place to another and are modified. For this reason, although sandwiches first appeared as a simple meal, today there are many different ways to make a sandwich. On this website we will provide all the names of the different types of sandwiches and some recipes from the most well-known cookbooks.

When making or ordering sandwiches, you should consider a series of elements that will determine what kind you should choose. The type of sandwich you serve at a family dinner won't be the same type you will serve at a wedding or a business meeting. This is why it's important that you know the wide range of existing alternatives to make this meal and to choose the best type for your particular situation.

A sandwich is a very particular type of meal. On the one hand, there are many ways to mix the ingredients. On the other hand, this type of meal can be adapted to any type of occasion, such as parties, picnics and simple afternoon snacks. By simply changing the type of bread or filling, a common sandwich becomes an innovation. Our aim is to inform you about the different ways to mix your sandwich ingredients and get in this way a different meal every day.

The different ways to mix the filling of your sandwich make this meal a dish that can be eaten by people with different eating practices. People who employ special eating practices, such as vegetarians, are very careful when choosing the filling for their sandwiches. Even those who want to keep in shape can make a wide variety of sandwiches with whole wheat bread. Because of the great amount of people who consumes this meal, sandwiches can be found at any place devoted to the gastronomic activity.

On our website we take into consideration the existing variety you are presented when preparing a sandwich or including it on the menu of your pastry shop or restaurant. For this reason, we provide a complete and diverse list of the different ways sandwiches can be made.

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